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The value of a well-written employee handbook

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Employment Law for Employers |

For organizational leaders in New York, the task of managing employees is arguably one of the more challenging aspects of a business. Encouraging employees to honor company policies, practice ethical behavior and protect organizational objectives can help leaders form unity amongst their workers which may bring success.

At the same time, employers must stay aware of their employees’ needs and provide opportunities, support and incentives for workers who demonstrate model behavior. When each party understands the other’s expectations, a rewarding and beneficial relationship may form.

The handbook’s role

An employee handbook can help achieve many goals and provide employers and their workers with a valuable point of reference. According to Paycor, some of the common reasons why a handbook is necessary to include the following:

  • It can provide a detailed description of employee benefits and collection conditions
  • It can provide a list of resources for employees to use for voicing concerns and providing feedback
  • It can provide information about what policies a company has
  • It can provide a place for employers to disclose their organization’s mission and values
  • It can provide a reference and evidence of agreements to prevent lawsuits from either party

The handbook’s content

Writing an employee handbook requires leaders to assess what is important to their company, its culture and its success. Then they must verbalize their findings and address all of the details that may impact an employee’s experience working for them. Forbes suggests that companies periodically review their handbook to update it as necessary and check for information that could benefit from modification and clarification. They should also strive to keep all content accessible and user-friendly to encourage their employees to utilize it.