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How often should an employer update their employee manual?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Employment Law for Employers |

The company handbook plays an important role in the workplace. An employee handbook serves as the official guide for the company and should be routinely updated. If an employee handbook is not updated, it can leave both the employer and their employees vulnerable.

There are many reasons why an employee handbook should be updated annually, at the very least. These reasons include:

  • Cultural changes: A handbook that was written 25 years ago is sure to have some questionable clauses. It would also lack an updated dress code and non-discriminatory policies.
  • Tech changes: An employee handbook needs a section on technology and the company’s expectations. There should be rules about logging into Wi-Fi, use of social media, and bring your own device policies.
  • Law update: Federal and state laws can quickly make an employee handbook out-of-date. Employers should check for changes in PTO or sick time requirements and overtime regulations when reviewing their handbook. Drug policies may also need updating.
  • Company changes: Some legal and policy requirements only apply to companies of a certain size. If a company changes size, they may have to update their handbook.

A legal professional who is skilled in employment law can be a good resource for a company when they are reviewing their employee handbook. An attorney can offer practical and real-world guidance for a business and make sure their employee handbook is thorough and updated correctly. They can also help a business with training for their managers in state and federal employment law compliance, including employee rights.