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New York lawmakers strive to address age discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Employment Law for Employees |

When workplace discrimination and mistreatment is discussed in New York and across the nation, it often centers of racial issues, gender inequality, people facing problems because of their sexuality or gender identification and various forms of harassment. However, age discrimination is still a problem for many. Whether they are terminated because they have reached a certain age, hear inappropriate comments or are not hired at all, it continues to happen. People who believe they have been victimized by age discrimination should understand current and potential new laws on the topic.

Lawmakers moving forward with new law centered on age discrimination

New York State lawmakers are trying to address age discrimination with a new bill. If the bill becomes law, it would stop employers from implementing the requirement that people who are seeking employment provide certain forms of information about their age. That includes specifically saying how old they are; giving their date of birth; and their year of graduation from school. This information can be used to know how old a person is or to deduce it.

AARP New York is supporting the bill. It laments the prevalence of people being discriminated against because of their age. The recent health challenges that have impacted people across the nation has been cited as an obstacle for older people to find work even as younger workers have more options and greater demands. People are healthier and able to work for a longer time making employees 50 and above more important to productivity. If they can do the job, they should not be penalized due to their age.

If age discrimination is suspected, it is possible to pursue a claim

People can be discriminated against for myriad reasons. Age discrimination might not seem to be as harmful as other forms of illegal behavior, but it is costly financially, emotionally and professionally. This can involve whether a person was hired, if they were terminated, how much they are paid, the types of assignments they are given, promotions and more. If this is believed to have happened in any way, it is important to have advice with how to proceed. Employers are responsible for adhering to the law and that includes preventing and avoiding age discrimination. Victims should have guidance and know how to pursue a claim.