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Making sure sexual harassment cases are handled with sensitivity

| Dec 11, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |


Many things have improved in terms of equality and gender sensitivity in the workplace, but there are still some illegal practices that fall through the cracks. Sexual harassment is one of them. Despite labor laws that prohibit sexual harassment and discrimination, some workers still feel that they are in a hostile workplace. Our New York law firm is more than willing to pursue justice on behalf of our clients.

Sexual harassment can come in many forms, all of them illegal. Employees may experience what is called “quid pro quo” harassment. This refers to trading benefits and promotions in exchange for sexual favors. Conduct like making lewd comments, inappropriate touching and threatening demotion if sexual favors are not met, are considered sexual harassment as well. In such situations, victims of harassment should know their rights. A victim can personally tell the harasser to stop or make a complaint to human resources.

Our employment lawyers have over 20 years of experience handling sexual harassment cases. We treat each case aggressively, but we will listen to our clients’ stories with the utmost sensitivity. It is essential that victims are protected when they make a complaint. Some companies react in a hostile way to such complaints; they can also remove evidence. Our lawyers have effectively dealt with these kinds of scenarios and have worked hard to see that victims were properly compensated.

Many employees who are victims of harassment may need to file a complaint immediately because the state has limitations when it comes to filing sexual harassment cases. Although we are proud of our long list of successful cases, we also take pride in the fact that we are instrumental in bringing justice to victims of harassment.