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Navigating a sexual harassment case

| Dec 23, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |


Any workplace should be a safe environment for its employees. Unfortunately, there can be cracks in that safety, leading to troubling instances such as sexual harassment. While there are several safeguards against such acts, hostile acts still take place in sometimes-otherwise safe workplace environments. When such acts occur, we at Mitchell Pollack & Associates have the experience and drive necessary to handle the case with sensitivity and tenacity.

Sexual harassment can come in many different forms. Employees can sometimes be subjected to sexually offensive comments, inappropriate touching or advances or threats of demotion if certain sexual desires are not fulfilled by another. In a similar vein, there is also what is known as “quid pro quo” sexual harassment. In this type of harassment, an employee is offered promotions or the like in exchange for sexual favors.

These types of actions should be dealt with immediately. While the aggressor should be emphatically told to stop, sometimes the solution is not so simple. In such situations, we are ready to help. We will take in all of the details of your case, explain your rights and possible courses of action in a clear manner and conduct a thorough investigation.

No employee should be subject to any form of sexual harassment. If you have been the victim of any unwanted sexual advances, comments or threats, we are here to assist you in the difficult time. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help those in such situations achieve justice and move forward in a positive way.