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Protecting your rights in the workplace – 1

| Nov 3, 2016 | Sexual Harassment |

Throughout the United States, including our neighbors in upstate New York, workers face many challenges. This includes violations of their employee rights, discrimination and sexual harassment. In yet another unfortunate situation, a police officer from Manlius has filed a suit claiming sexual harassment, discrimination and exposure to a hostile work environment by her department.

Based on recent reports, the thirty-five year old woman has been a police officer for eight years. Six and a half years have been with this department. She has also filed a claim against the town’s fire department, stating that she was threatened by the department.

She claimed that the police department excludes women from certain training and assignments, which inevitably results in fewer benefits and less pay. The victim also claimed that she was subjected to talk about sex while in the workplace and graphic discussions about private parts.

In addition, she was supposedly told she should find another job by a co-worker who was sick of women on the department. When she reported the behavior to her supervisors, she was told she needed to improve her communication skills and that she would be disciplined if she made additional claims to town superiors. She has not been paid since May, as the police department said she resigned, a claim she denies.

These allegations are very serious in nature. The victim has grounds to sue for multiple offences, including sexual harassment, workplace gender discrimination and the violation of her employment rights. Workers are protected against retaliation from their employer for filing such claims.

It remains be seen how this will ultimately play out, but if these claims are proven in court, she may be entitled to a substantial reward and may get her job back. If you believe you have been a victim of a workplace incident, you may want to speak with a firm familiar with employment law to see what options are available.

Source:, “Female Manlius police officer charges workplace harassment, discrimination,” Elizabeth Dolan, Oct. 26, 2016