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Sexual harassment can hurt anyone

| Jan 11, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

Although federal, state and local laws are in place to assure that every employee in every working environment is entitled to a workplace free of sexual harassment in its many forms, the sad reality is that sexual harassment occurs fairly frequently, and oftentimes it is not reported or properly addressed, which can affect other employees or future employees down the road.

Sexual harassment may also take several forms. It may be as simple as multiple requests by a co-worker or superior for a date, even after the first request was denied. It could be something like innuendo or inappropriate discussions among coworkers at the water cooler or in the warehouse. It could also take more serious forms, such as unwanted sexual advances, and managers, bosses or superiors attempting to use their power and withholding promotions, raises or different work based on an employee’s unwillingness to accept sexual requests. Whatever the form, sexual harassment is wrong, and it is illegal.

At our law firm, we work hard to protect our clients from sexual harassment and assure that their employee rights are not violated. We also serve clients dealing with workplace discrimination, employment disputes including breach of contracts and severance agreements, wrongful termination, employee’s rights such as wages disputes, and employee’s rights such as hourly and overtime pay and whistleblower protections.

It is important to address these issues, including sexual harassment, as soon as possible to assure a safe and healthy working environment. If you or someone you know has been subjected to sexual harassment, it may be in everyone’s best interests to get more information about employment law in New York to determine how to proceed.