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A lawyer can help an employee with protection for retaliation

| Sep 6, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

Workers in the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut must remember they have employee rights and can exercise them when there is any form of mistreatment taking place. While the current climate in the U.S. centers around sexual harassment, there are other ways in which a worker can be confronted with employer violations. One is if there is retaliation from the employer. Having legal assistance from a qualified law firm that understands the perspective of both employee and employer is essential when thinking about filing a case.

Retaliation can take place for any number of reasons. Perhaps the employer does not want the worker to stay in the job and would like the person to quit. There could be lingering issues from a contract negotiation, disagreements, or a simple matter of dislike. Workers should understand that they have protection for retaliation to shield them and can even seek compensation should the retaliation reach a critical mass where it is impacting the person’s job and they can no longer accept it.

Many behaviors can constitute retaliation. The employer could harass the employee or cause a hostile workplace. Hours can be reduced without cause or the worker can be reassigned. A worker can be demoted or deprived of a deserved promotion. Negative performance assessments can be made even if they are inaccurate. This can not only impact the person in the current job, but it might follow them around even if they choose to leave of their own accord and seek employment elsewhere.

There is no reason for an employee to simply accept facing retaliation as if they have no alternative and cannot do anything about it. In today’s world, where worker rights are becoming more well-known, taking steps to stop retaliation and to seek compensation for it is happening more frequently. Workers who need help in pursuing a retaliation claim should contact a law firm that has experience in employment law for employees and move forward with a lawsuit as soon as possible.