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Woman claims retaliation violated her employment rights

| Jan 10, 2019 | Employment Law for Employees |

New York workers who are faced with a violation of their employee rights and come forward to seek compensation are taking a drastic and courageous step to protect themselves. Unfortunately, many employers — public and private — do not have the expected reaction of sanctioning employees who have violated the law when it comes to worker treatment. In fact, they will make matters worse by retaliating against the complaining employee. For workers who have already dealt with sexual harassment and other mistreatment, they must also remember that they have the right to protection for retaliation and can seek compensation for it.

The Division of Criminal Justice is being sued a second time after there were alleged retaliatory acts against a woman who had made sexual harassment claims against a supervisor. The woman brought the case against multiple entities including the state, the acting commissioner and others. She states that she was retaliated and discriminated against because she complained about the former supervisor and provided testimony as part of an investigation as to his behavior.

This lawsuit comes after a separate case was filed by a lawyer for the department. It stated she had been dismissed in 2017 after there was an investigation into the allegations. She was given a different job for less money. This woman was later fired for reasons that had nothing to do with the case. She is a defendant in the new case. The woman in the new case is requesting various damages for the mistreatment. In the first sexual harassment claim, the man had made sexual comments and jokes. He showed her images and discussed his sex life.

When there is a sexual harassment case and people are retaliated against for complaining about it, it can hinder their ability to work at the job. In many instances, they cannot continue to work there at all and it is not due to being dismissed, but because the situation has grown so difficult that they feel compelled to leave. Employees must remember their rights to be protected from harassment and retaliation. Contacting a law firm that understands employment law for employees is critical and can be of assistance in a case.