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Office workers claim employee rights were violated by harassment

| Mar 8, 2019 | Employment Law for Employees |

Although the current climate in New York State and across the nation has made is easier for employees who have been subjected to various forms of harassment – sexual harassment and otherwise – to file a claim to protect their employee rights and receive compensation, it is still happening. One positive note of the growing acceptance of employment claims is that workers in many industries and types of jobs can come forward regarding how they have been mistreated. When considering a complaint, having legal assistance is a foundational requirement.

A state disability agency has been hit by accusations that a male employee who served as an administrative assistant repeatedly harassed several others who worked there and nothing was done to put a stop to it. The complaints about the office – a state agency to assist those with developmental disabilities – led to the man’s suspension after he was arrested for threatening sexual assault. The women say he exposed himself and spoke to them obscenely.

There were many accounts of his behavior. One woman said he told her he planned to sexually assault her at work and this led to his arrest. She said that no one at the office helped her. She filed a complaint for harassment and got a restraining order. Two other women said he exposed himself and commented on their looks. The man denies the accusations, claiming that it was “locker room” talk. In addition, he confessed to looking at pornographic material on the job, bought drugs for those above him, and did not think he was behaving inappropriately or offensively. The agency asserts it was unaware of the conduct and suspended him when it became known.

When a fellow worker, a supervisor, an owner or anyone at a workplace is behaving inappropriately, it is wise to understand that there are steps to take to put a stop to the behavior and to be compensated for what was lost. This harassment can be sexual, but it can also extend to other areas. Understanding the civil rights accorded under the law and what can be done about the person’s actions is essential. Understanding all aspects of harassment and bad behavior in the context of employment law for employees requires legal help. Those who are being victimized should contact an attorney immediately.