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Knowledgeable Legal Guidance Regarding Regulatory Compliance And Enforcement Issues

Mitchell Pollack & Associates PLLC advises state and federally chartered financial institutions about regulatory compliance and enforcement issues. Our lawyers are familiar with the complex jurisdictional and regulatory relationships between various state and federal agencies and the financial institutions they regulate. Whether your institution is chartered under state or federal law, we keep current with the latest regulatory developments, interpretive rulings, and enforcement decisions at each of the following agencies:

  • New York State Banking Department
  • New Jersey State Banking Department
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • National Credit Union Administration
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • Office of Thrift Supervision
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

A Preventative Approach To Compliance Issues

For dependable advice about your credit union’s or bank’s rights and obligations, contact a credit union and bank regulation lawyer at either our Westchester County office in Tarrytown or our New Jersey office in Mahwah.

Taken together, the regulations and orders issued by these agencies can affect practically every aspect of any financial institution’s business, from loan portfolio composition to investment choices. For most credit unions and banks, several of these agencies will have overlapping and simultaneous jurisdiction over different facets of their operations.

Consult With A Compliance Attorney

We work to make sure your credit union’s or bank’s safe lending practices and sound investment policies satisfy all of your regulatory obligations. We can advise you on questions ranging from the right of offset in a defaulted loan to the implementation of policies designed to strengthen internal checks and balances.

For further information about the scope of our services in state and federal financial institution regulation, call 914-610-3418 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting with one of the banking lawyers at Mitchell Pollack & Associates PLLC.