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Comprehensive and up-to-date guidance for New York workers

| Sep 18, 2014 | Employee Rights |

Laws and labor practices in the United States, as well as in New York, are dynamic. There are times when employers and supervisors have a different understanding and interpretation of labor laws. This can results in misunderstandings, often leaving an employee holding the short end of the stick. When handling workplace concerns, it is best that New Yorkers are represented by a law firm that can offer its clients comprehensive, real-time guidance to assess and prevent possible labor risks and human resource issues. Our law firm takes pride in being that type of law firm.

Employees work hard and spend long hours to provide for themselves and their families; it is only fair that employers honor their employee rights. When employers fail to do so, our Westchester County firm will use 20 years of experience to right the wrongs. We have handled and obtained sufficient compensation for our clients in many types of cases, which include wage claims, wrongful termination and denial of benefits.

On the other hand, we believe in the saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Hence, besides representing workers in their respective cases, we can help employers sort out possible practices that can get them into trouble with the law. This includes promotion and hiring practices, issues about confidentiality and human resource handbooks and manuals. Our firm provides comprehensive advice about statutes in New York and federal laws like the American with Disabilities Act and the Family & Medical Leave Act. We understand that there are employers who are not only devoted to honoring labor laws, but who sincerely care for their workers. Guidance from our employment law professionals can help make sure that they continue to do so.

Our law firm holds our clients in very high regard. We understand what they have worked for and help make sure that their sacrifices and work efforts do not go unnoticed.