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August 2018 Archives

Political aspirant claims bank committed wrongful termination

In New York and across the nation, much attention is being paid to how workers are treated by their employers. This stems from the increasing profile of various violations of employee rights that employers are accused of committing. Despite the increase in workers who are asserting their rights and seeking compensation if they have faced such issues as wrongful termination and are seeking protection for retaliation, it still happens quite frequently and employees who have either lost their job or are facing treatment at work that is making it impossible to continue working are taking steps to file a case to be compensated.

5 ways to avoid whistleblower claims

Many laws protect whistleblowers from retaliation by their employers. Whistleblowing can benefit society and expose unsafe work environments. On the other hand, employer retaliation could severely damage the employee and the company.

Former law clerk claims sexual harassment and other violations

In today's climate, employers are understandably fearful of being accused of various violations of employment law. For any entity in New York, public or private, being confronted with allegations of sexual harassment, wrongful termination and any other employment-related circumstance can cause short and long-term problems, diminish reputations, and cost substantial amounts of money. Having a legal defense that is experienced with these matters can make the difference in any case.

Re-evaluating policies in the wake of #MeToo campaign

Small business or large, it is important that employers take the time to ensure employee policies are set in place. Drafting these documents not only sets guidelines, but also helps to provide certain protections for employees as well as an employer. In the wake of the "#Me Too" campaign, it is an important time for employers in New York and elsewhere to re-evaluate their sexual harassment policies.

Class action pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart

Employees in New York and elsewhere have certain expectations in the workplace. For the most part, this entails the laws that protect employees in any workplace. This typically includes the freedom of being discriminated against or harassed in the workplace. When incidents of these acts occur, employees have legal steps they can take to protect themselves. This could mean holding an employer accountable and even seeking damages for losses suffered.

Accommodations can mitigate issues

Employers and employees are often on opposite sides of any employment law issue. That does not have to be the case, if both sides work together they can get to a better result. The problem is that getting on the same page can often be difficult.

What is unfair competition?

The success of a business is often reliant on the name the business has built for itself. It might take time, but a company's brand is what keeps a business going and helps with the retention of consumers. So, when another company essentially steals certain components from a business and that business is harmed because of it, this could cause a commercial dispute due to unfair competition.

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