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Some information is not accessible in a background check

Often, when an employer reviews a complete job application and has a successful interview with the candidate, they may be ready to extend an offer of employment to the individual. However, it is a good practice in many cases for a New York employer to first utilize a background check to learn more about the individual's history and possible legal troubles. This post will briefly discuss some of the information that an employer may discover through a pre-employment background check and what information is considered confidential.

Retaliation in the workplace should not be tolerated

Not long ago this blog discussed the very serious legal topic of workplace retaliation. Workplace retaliation occurs when an employee suffers work-related consequences for taking action against a policy, practice or other employment matter that happens in their job environment. Workplace retaliation can be the failure of an employee to be promoted, the removal of job responsibilities or benefits from a person's scope of duties or any number of other actions that constitute adverse employment action against an employee.

Applicants Who Exclude Their Own Resumes From Consideration

In a recent blog, we have discussed the notion of culture fit and the increased perception that hiring for similar personalities and like demographics has become a double-edged sword. It is not an uncommon belief that culture fit has become a thinly-veiled excuse for ageism with hiring managers actively working to dispel this notion. There are other dangers, though, that applicants face from the very outset.

Avoid illegal questions during the interview process

Hiring a new employee can be a difficult process for a New York employer. As they work through applications and resumes, it can be hard to find ways to distinguish the names they read on paper from one another. When they do get to meet prospective employees in interviews, it can be tempting to delve into a wide range of topics to learn more about the people they may eventually work with.

What is workplace retaliation?

Sometimes in sports, a player may receive what they perceive to be a dirty hit or unfair call. Rather than accepting the matter as finished, some athletes will choose to retaliate against the offending player or referee when the opportunity presents itself. This form of payback is dangerous and damaging, and New York employees may know that it happens in places other than the athletic fields.

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