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Two circuits agree: Sexual orientation is a protected class

Certain personal factors about people may not be used to discriminate against them in the workplace, and these personal factors are codified in specific federal and New York state laws. For example, under the Americans with Disabilities Act most employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees and prospective employees because of their mental and physical disabilities. Laws protect people from discrimination based on their age, race and religious preferences as well.

Remedies for employment discrimination

While the roles of employees can be vastly different, all employees have the right to be treated equally and fairly in the workplace. When this does not occur or mistreatment ensues because an employer discriminated against an employee because of their race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability or genetic information, it is possible to take action and hold an employer responsible for these wrongdoings.

What are unfair or deceptive trade practices?

When businesses first start out, they take steps to obtain a wide range of customers or clientele. This can take time, but, if done properly, a business could have a solid foundation. However, when the market changes or competition is high, a business attempts to rebrand itself by initiating deals or obtaining new products to bring in more business. While this can be a very profitable move, it could also be a move that hurts the business. If this is not done properly and the changes made are considered unfair or deceptive, business disputes could occur.

What Can Be Done About On-The-Job Car Accidents?

It is not uncommon for workers to be required to drive as part of their job. Whether driving is a small portion of the job – such as a quick task to pick up parts from the distribution center – or it is the entirety of the job – such as a delivery driver – being in a vehicle comes with significant risks.

Fighting for your employment law rights in the workplace

When individuals in New York and elsewhere are hired for a position, they tend to be focused on this new role and what it entails and tend to lose focus on their rights as an employee. Nonetheless, these rights not only exist, but can also be relied upon when employment law issues occur and even if the employee is terminated.

A breach of contract may be bad news for a business

Whereas it was not uncommon for businesses to exist as autonomous entities in the past, in this ever-growing technologically advanced world, businesses often work with others to accomplish their corporate objectives. That can mean contracting with suppliers to ensure that their product orders are fulfilled, engaging the services of employment agencies to find the best and brightest new talent to hire or using partnerships to get their businesses into new markets. Businesses work with individuals and other corporate entities with regularity and, when those relationships are forged, it is usually through the execution of contracts.

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