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August 2019 Archives

LGBT workers could be impacted by civil rights case

There are many New Yorkers who are part of the LGBT community. In the not-too-distant past, these people were often forced to hide who they were to avoid problems at work, losing their jobs or not being hired at all simply because of their sexual orientation. Laws were enacted to protect these individuals. However, many employers and service providers protested saying that their religious beliefs were being violated by the protections granted to LGBT people. Now, a potential rule being promoted by the Trump administration can provide protection for government contractors who do not want to employ LGBT people. Those concerned about their employee rights or who have had their rights violated should obtain legal assistance.

Illegal workplace discrimination still impacts older people

Workers in New York and across the nation are now granted more freedom in lodging claims for compensation after their employee rights have been violated. Although it is easier for people to address cases when they have been mistreated, that does not mean certain behaviors will stop and people no longer need to worry about being subjected to employment violations. A recent study indicates that age discrimination is still a problem. Those who have faced it should remember their rights.

Federal law protects the rights of older employees

When you go to work, you know that you will give it your very best effort. You are an important member of the team, you have experience and you do what you are supposed to do, but you still may not get the respect that you know you deserve. This is often the case for older workers – they experience mistreatment and discrimination in the workplace simply because of their age.

Alleged lies about illness sparks breach of contract dispute

Business disputes in New York can emanate over contractual language and attempts to breach agreements. While in many employer-employee disagreements there is a reactive belief that the employer is always in the wrong, that is not always the case. In fact, employees will frequently violate a contract due to misbehavior, malfeasance or outright lying.

Arbitration agreement in employee rights case sparks backlash

Women who believe they have been sexually harassed on the job and had other employee rights violated are increasingly willing to lodge complaints over how they have been treated. This is true in New York and across the nation. Even with the increased willingness to speak up about illegal workplace discrimination, civil rights violations and sexual harassment, hindrances remain in place. One concern that dissuades many from speaking up is forced arbitration. Common in the corporate world and present in other careers, being limited in options and forced to pay significant sums due to forced arbitration can be problematic.

Limo and car service accused of employment law violations

The current situation for drivers of taxis, limousines and car service vehicles in New York is fluid. As the industry changes, companies are increasingly streamlining operations and using different strategies to maximize profit. Often, this leaves drivers wondering how they can adapt and earn the same wages they did in the past when there were fewer alternatives and cars could not be summoned with the press of a button. There is an argument for both sides -- owners and management versus drivers -- that the landscape must be defined with greater clarity.

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