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Unfair competition covers a multitude of bad business conduct

Like individuals, businesses can suffer harm and losses when they are victimized by other corporate entities. In New York, a business may claim that it has suffered from unfair competition practices if the actions of another organization resulted in the victim business losing money or commercial opportunities. This post will discuss several of the legal actions that may be considered unfair competition in the business setting but readers are cautioned that its content is not comprehensive. A deeper investigation of unfair competition should be taken up with business attorneys familiar with readers' legal problems.

Google, former employee spar over employment termination

Under the law, employers may not discriminate against individuals based on certain factors, such as race, religious preference or gender. These laws are in place to ensure that all people have access to employment opportunities and, like employers throughout the rest of the nation, New York employers must abide by the laws. If a company uses any of the aforementioned factors to make adverse employment decisions, these decisions can open the company up to liability for a host of legal claims.

Understand your rights after a wrongful termination

Individuals in New York change jobs with a fair amount of frequency. Some may decide that they would prefer to work for different employers or that they are ready for a complete change in their career paths. Others may find themselves out of work when their employers close their doors or when they are laid off. In some cases, workers may be singled out for dismissal and they may have no idea why their employers chose to let them go.

Severance agreement: limiting employees’ ability to sue

As an employee, you may be offered a severance agreement if your company terminates your employment. The agreement states the date of termination, outlines offered payments or benefits and releases the company from claims you may wish to make against them.

What is a fiduciary duty and how may it be breached?

Individuals may form partnerships and alliances as they see fit to serve their interests and advance their causes. Businesses may do the same thing, and, in New York, when a corporation places trust in a person or other business and that other party is aware of that trust, then it may be said that a fiduciary relationship exists between them. The fiduciary is the party upon which the trust is place for the benefit of the other.

Constructive dismissals may give employees rights to seek damages

Most New Yorkers have had to work at jobs that they did not enjoy. Whether in their youth or while between careers, it is not uncommon for a person to have a horror story of a terrible job they left because it was just too awful or awkward to continue. While bad jobs of this sort are not unusual, jobs that are made so difficult to continue due to the working conditions provided by the employers may provide those who are forced to leave them with legal remedies through employment law.

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