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Knowing your rights as an employee can save your career

| May 20, 2015 | Employee Rights |


Whether you work in the public or private sector, in a blue collar or white collar job, understanding your rights as an employee can prove crucial to maintaining a healthy, productive and successful career. There are many federal and state laws in place that were created to help protect employees during their course of work.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created to protect employees from dangerous or hazardous conditions in the workplace. OSHA is also responsible for requiring employers to maintain a safe workplace by adhering to strict safety standards. OSHA also protects employees with rules that are in place to prevent employers from violating privacy rights.

The Fair Labor Standards Act, also known as the FLSA, has rules in place to set and enforce guidelines on how long employees can work and the rates of pay for their time at work. The Family Medical Leave Act helps ensure that employees are given time off following the birth of a child or medical illness of a family member. The Americans with Disabilities Act helps protects employees against discrimination and sets requirements to aid employees with disabilities in the workforce.

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