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All New Yorkers are entitled to a safe workplace

| Mar 9, 2016 | Employee Rights |


The United States has one of the highest standards in the world when it comes to employee protections. There are both federal, state and local laws and organizations available to help employees throughout New York and the country who believe their employee rights may have been violated.

Whether it is employee rights, such as whistleblower protection, pensions, separation/severance agreements or restrictive covenants; employment disputes, such as employment benefits, unemployment compensation or a breach of contract; wrongful termination; sexual harassment; or discrimination, such as race, religion or age discrimination, employees have the right to work in a safe and fair workplace. These workplaces must be free of hostility, harassment and discrimination.

For over 20 years, the offices of Mitchell Pollack & Associates, PLLC, has been working with clients in the New York tri-state area protecting workers in employment law. With experience working with corporations and businesses on the other side of the courtroom, we know what it takes to help and protect an employee’s rights. Our three offices are conveniently located in Tarrytown, New York, and over the bridge in Mahwah, New Jersey.

When an employee rights have been violated, it is important to be proactive and address the situation before it gets out of hand. Speaking with a boss, supervisor, immediate superior or human resources may help. But, to make certain that one’s rights are fully protected, victims of workplace safety violations may wish to speak with a professional law firm, familiar with employment law to see if further action should be taken.

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