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Political aspirant claims bank committed wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

In New York and across the nation, much attention is being paid to how workers are treated by their employers. This stems from the increasing profile of various violations of employee rights that employers are accused of committing. Despite the increase in workers who are asserting their rights and seeking compensation if they have faced such issues as wrongful termination and are seeking protection for retaliation, it still happens quite frequently and employees who have either lost their job or are facing treatment at work that is making it impossible to continue working are taking steps to file a case to be compensated.

For example, according to a recent report, a 22-year-old man who was elected as a county legislator in New York and is running for State Assembly is claiming that he lost his job because of his political persuasion. He has filed a lawsuit to that effect. The man says he was hired by a bank in February with the job of originating mortgages. However, he says he was fired three months later due to his attempt to win the seat in the State Assembly over another individual who is linked to the bank’s parent company’s board of trustees. According to the filing, one member of the board of trustees had him dismissed because of the member’s support for the man’s opponent.

He says that the job could have earned him as much as $150,000 annually and his campaign has been compromised by the need to look for a new job simultaneous to trying to campaign. He says that even if he wins the seat, he would still have been able to retain the bank job. The seat pays $80,000 to its members. He is asking for the bank to give him a reference letter, financial compensation for past and future income and compensation for the damage that his political aspirations suffered due to his firing.

People can lose their jobs for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with performance. In the rapidly worsening political climate, it is entirely believable that a person’s political beliefs can have an impact on their work situation. When there are ties that bind employers with certain political candidates, it can harm a person and cause him to lose a job. When there is a belief that a person was fired from a job and it amounted to wrongful termination, having legal help is crucial. A law firm that practices employment law for employees can try to help those who were dismissed from their job and believe it was due to factors separate from performance.