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Sexual harassment claims lodged against judge

| Dec 28, 2018 | Employment Law for Employers |

In New York, an allegation of sexual harassment can damage a person’s standing professionally and personally. The impact it can have is extensive. This is especially true if it is a person in a position of power and respect in the community. While all allegations that a person has committed sexual harassment against employees should be taken seriously and, if they are found to be true, the accused should face the consequences, it is imperative to keep in mind that not all allegations are valid. Regardless of the case, the employer must have a strong defense.

A judge in family court has been accused of sexually harassing employees. A lawsuit was filed in federal court to seek compensation for his alleged behavior. According to the plaintiffs, a man and a woman, the judge subjected them to lewd behavior and showed them pornography. The acts he is accused of include showing his employees nude images, offensively describing sexual acts, discussing his sexual ideas, and asking that the female – his secretary – cater to his sexual needs. He is also accused of making threats if they committed what he deemed to be acts of betrayal. When the allegations were made, he was removed from the bench. The status of the state’s investigation is continuing.

It is not easy to be an employer in the current climate. People are facing various accusations, often without merit. The public is quick to believe a person who claims to have faced sexual harassment and other inappropriate workplace behaviors whether there is evidence that they happened or not. It does not dilute the “me too” movement to call an accusation into question or to seek a deeper investigation into the claims prior to concluding who is being truthful. Those who might have their careers and lives upended must have a strong legal defense against these charges.

Being accused of sexual harassment is bad enough, but when it reaches the point where the accuser has decided to file a lawsuit is when it is essential to have legal assistance. A law firm that specializes in defending employers against allegations of wrongdoing is one of the most important calls that a person or a business can make. A law firm that is experienced in employment law for employers should be contacted for a consultation and help.