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Many women have employee rights violated with sexual harassment

| Jan 25, 2019 | Employment Law for Employees |

With the increasing number of stories where people are complaining about workplace civil right violations and being subjected to sexual harassment and discrimination, the scope of the problem in New York State and across the nation is becoming clear. Keeping track of the statistics of people who say they are being sexually harassed or discriminated against is beneficial to finding strategies to reduce its incidence.

Although it was generally assumed that many people are confronted with harassing behaviors, a new poll suggests that it is even worse than previously thought. Those who are being sexually harassed should understand their employee rights and seek compensation. In the poll, 70 percent of those who took part stated that sexual harassment at work was becoming more prevalent. Around 75 percent of the women and 66 percent of the men agreed with the belief. 15 percent of men who were questioned stated they had been victimized by sexual harassment.

The poll also focused on other workplace issues like race relations. 35 percent classified it as excellent. Contrasting that with six years ago, people believed race relations were positive. Greater than two-thirds say that minorities are discriminated against. More than 60 percent of both whites and Latinos stated they believed minorities are discriminated against. 83 percent of blacks said the same. Only people classified as conservatives said minorities are not discriminated against by 49 to 43 percent.

Employees might have previously believed that there was little they could do to put a stop to harassing behaviors and discrimination. However, with more people feeling emboldened to speak up when their employee rights are violated, it is important to have legal help when seeking compensation for the workplace mistreatment. A law firm that helps clients with employment law for employees should be contacted for help as soon as possible.