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Cable company faces illegal workplace discrimination lawsuit

| Jun 26, 2019 | Employment Law for Employees |

Many cases of employment discrimination in New York are in private companies and involve people who are unknown to the public. Others, however, involve those who are prominent and have jobs that make them well-known in the community. Those who are on television in any capacity will be familiar to the public. If there are allegations that illegal workplace discrimination has taken place, their name recognition will spark interest in the case. It can also give others who have been confronted by similar treatment the idea that they too can file a claim for workplace violations.

According to recent reports, a lawsuit has been filed alleging that the New York 24-hour news station NY1 has discriminated against five female news reporters. According to the women, they were discriminated against because of their age and gender. They say the station reduced their roles and favored younger men and women. The company was acquired by Charter Communications in 2016. After that, the women’s careers stagnated. The newscasters’ ages range from 40 to 61. They say that the way the company is using them does not cast an accurate reflection on society. The company says that it believes the case is meritless, but a review is still being conducted.

When workers can do a job, they should not be forced to accept a diminished role or lose the job completely due to their age or gender. Unfortunately, some workplaces take factors into account that have nothing to do with capability and performance. If workers are cast aside in this way, they have the right to seek compensation for the mistreatment. Age and gender discrimination are illegal. For employees who believe they have been marginalized or lost their job because of these factors, it is imperative to act quickly to accrue the necessary evidence in the case.

For the female newscasters at NY1, the reduction in their duties coincided with Charter Communications taking over and putting other people in higher-profile roles at their expense. For people who have been confronted with these behaviors on the job or any other form of illegal workplace discrimination, it is important to understand employment law for employees.