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Survey reveals that gender pay gap is top woman’s rights issue

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | blog, Workplace Discrimination |

A survey reveals that American workers see the gender pay gap as the top issue facing women in the workplace. The survey, sponsored by Bequom, found that 20 percent of workers say that the gender gap leaves the biggest room for growth for women’s rights. The survey asked 1,000 American workers, from New York and other locations, what they saw as the most overriding concern facing women.

People answering the survey cited a range of issues facing women in the workplace. Workers evaluate the gender pay gap as a more serious problem than electing a female U.S. President. They also say it’s more important than seeing more females achieve executive positions at top corporations.

Although both men and women cited concerns about the gender pay gap, women cited it more frequently than men as the top issue facing concern. In addition, Baby Boomers ranked the pay gap as the top concern more frequently than Millennials. Millennials tended to focus on increasing diversity in the C-suite board room. Parental leave also ranks among the leading concerns for younger workers.

Indeed, workers may be correct in their assessment. The World Economic Forum projects that the gender gap is likely to continue for many years. They say that women earn only approximately 82 percent of their male counterparts. Minority women may earn even less than their male peers.

American workers have the right to be free from gender discrimination in the workplace. Employment law for employees on both the state and federal level protect people of both genders from differential treatment based on gender. Discrimination in pay is one type of discrimination that may place employers in violation of laws. Employees who are discriminated against on the basis of gender, or on the basis of any other protected class, may have the right to pursue financial compensation and other relief through the legal system. An attorney may assist a worker in evaluating their case and pursuing compensation.