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Employment law violations alleged against McDonald’s

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | blog, Employment Law for Employees, Sexual Harassment |

Given the current climate across the nation, New York workers who have been impacted by employment law violations like sexual harassment may feel as if their concerns are taken more seriously. In general, that may be true. However, there are still incidents in which workers are subjected to various employment violations throughout the U.S. Some involve major corporations like McDonald’s.

Two women who worked at McDonald’s corporate-owned franchises in Florida have filed a lawsuit they hope will reach class-action status. They say they were sexually harassed and faced a hostile work environment. The harassment involved them being groped, assaulted and listening to sexual comments from colleagues. One of the women is still working at McDonald’s. The other was fired. They are seeking $500 million.

The women assert that the company did not train employees or prevent them from committing sexual harassment. McDonald’s is also accused of moving those accused from one restaurant to another without disciplining them. The woman who was fired was employed from 2015 to 2018. She complained about a co-worker touching her without permission and making inappropriate comments. The other plaintiff who is still employed by McDonald’s also worked at that location and claims to have been sexually harassed by two male co-workers. In 2016, a series of sexual harassment complaints were lodged with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against McDonald’s.

Franchisees run an estimated 95% of the McDonald’s restaurants across the country. A federal appeals court agreed with the company’s assertion that it is not responsible for behavior in stores run by franchisees. This case is centered on restaurants owned by the corporation. Sexual harassment and other employment violations can have a negative impact on a person’s life. It can hinder their ability to earn a living, cause them emotional pain, and leave them wondering where to turn. This is especially worrisome when it is a large corporation. A legal filing might be a strategy to recover compensation for employment violations. A firm experienced in employment law may help with filing a case.