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Freelancer claims comic book editor committed sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2020 | blog, Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment can happen in any type of job in New York State. Even those who are not regular employees but are freelancers or contractors can be victimized. Many might think that only fulltime employees can lodge a claim after being sexually harassed, but anyone who is paid for work can be subject to workplace violations. One prominent male editor at a large comic book publisher is being accused of sexually harassing a female freelance editor.

Using Twitter, the victim detailed what she says occurred. After she met the man and they exchanged numbers, he consistently contacted her, visited her at her regular job and went to her home. He suggested that he was interested in a sexual relationship with her. He left his permanent job as a comics editor and began freelancing where the two collaborated. The aggression continued. She requested that he stop to which he made an obscene comment and laughed.

She maintained the relationship for employment opportunities, but eventually, she severed the working relationship. He had started working at a different publisher from the one he worked for when they two met. Since the woman’s accusations became known, the company stated he was no longer employed there. The financial supporters of a Kickstarter project he was involved with also cut ties with him. This has been an ongoing problem in the comic book industry with numerous other prominent people facing sexual harassment claims.

People who are trying to gain a foothold in a certain industry can be inherently vulnerable to abuse from those in positions of power. Sexual harassment is just one way in which these employers, supervisors and established people on the job can mistreat underlings and colleagues. The key to a case is to accrue evidence and determine what happened. Next, steps can be taken to address the issue. For victims who were penalized, failed to get a promotion or lost the job entirely, a legal filing could be a viable option. Discussing the situation with caring and experienced professionals can be beneficial to filing a case for compensation.