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Women in the gaming industry speak out against sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | blog, Sexual Harassment |

A number of women in the gaming industry took to their social media accounts in June to chronicle sexual abuse suffered at the hands of peers and colleagues in the industry. In many cases, an account of abuse from one woman resulted in the sharing of a similar experience by another sexual harassment victim.

A post on one site compiled the sexual harassment claims that were posted to Twitter accounts beginning June 17. These posts were mainly from women who stream on Twitch or other platforms that allow them to share the content they create. In a matter of days, the compilation included dozens of stories that pointed the finger at more than 60 men.

One well-known male streamer who is known by the gamer tag SayNotoRage issued two video apologies after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. Other streamers followed soon after with their own apologies.

A number of women also recounted experiences of sexual assault and harassment from Ubisoft employees. The company responded with a statement explaining that the company takes all employment law seriously and is currently investigating each of the allegations.

Many of the victims took time to tell why they kept the abuse to themselves for years in some cases. The consensus among the women was a fear that they would be labeled liars and blacklisted from the gaming community. Some of the women mentioned that the men who abused them were both popular and powerful in the gaming community.

Those who are subjected to lewd comments, sexual advances or other uninvited sexual conduct in the workplace are often left feeling powerless and alone. To make matters worse, many of these victims feel that revealing their negative experiences will result in their own work careers being damaged. A lawyer with experience dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace may provide answers to victims who are unsure of what to do after suffering abuse at the hands of a coworker or superior.