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U.S. Labor Department notes violence at medical centers

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Employee Rights |

Medical centers across the United States in general and in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) in particular have been in the news a lot lately. Healthcare workers have always been considered essential but they are even more important to the rest of society now. They provide services and have skills that everyone else needs and cannot survive without. On the other hand, healthcare workers are often in situations at work where they are vulnerable to a variety of dangerous situations.

There have been many incidences of violence in their workplaces, including being assaulted as well as other types of violence (physical violence, harassment, and intimidation). When such a situation develops and becomes more common over time, the employers are in a position where they must institute a program to protect the employees from such dangers. In such a program, the education of the employees (and the employers as well as others involved) is essential to the survival and well-being of everyone concerned.

What is needed if a healthcare environment is not safe?

In more and more cases in healthcare centers, employees are the victims of violence from different people, including patients in one-on-one situations, as the healthcare worker was trying to restrain the patient, or when the patients became agitated and tried to escape.

The unfortunate result of the violence on many occasions could be that the healthcare worker is injured with broken bones, has injuries to various parts of their bodies, and sustains bites from patients. Another potential result can be that the injured worker will be unable to work for a time and productivity as well as coverage will be compromised in the healthcare workplace.

Sound advice from an experienced lawyer

There are many laws that govern the workplace and if you have experienced violence in the healthcare workplace, it may be a wise idea to consult a lawyer with experience in employment law. It is essential that you understand the laws that apply to your situation and that you understand your rights as well as being counseled on how to protect them. A knowledgeable New York lawyer will walk you through the process and will be by your side every step of the way.