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Disclosures in employment discrimination claims

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Employee Rights, Employment Law for Employees |

If you are in the process of filing an employment discrimination lawsuit, or are nearing the settlement phase of one, you may have talked about a non-disclosure agreement. Do you have to sign it? What can your employer legally ask you not to say regarding your discrimination claim?

New York law on discrimination claim NDAs

New York State law provides a clear outline for employers to follow regarding non-disclosure agreements specifically for discrimination cases. Employers cannot ask you to refrain from discussing the facts contributing to your discrimination claim. That is, unless you, the employee, prefer to have the details and facts of your case be kept confidential. This law gives you the autonomy to decide what is the better outcome for your future and goals. Your individual set of circumstances is entirely unique, so an ideal outcome for you will also be unique.

You can also discuss any facets of a non-disclosure agreement with your attorney to ensure that your employer is following all facets of New York laws regarding non-disclosure agreements. Just as the outcome should be in your hands, so too is the disclosure.

What if I need help with any employment discrimination matter?

If you are considering filing a discrimination lawsuit against an employer, or you want to examine a non-disclosure agreement before you sign, seek advice. It is important to understand your rights and an employer’s obligations to you under New York State law.

If you have faced discrimination based on a protected class, it can be an experience that leaves you feeling vulnerable and alone, but a Tarrytown, New York, attorney can help assist you in any stage of a discrimination case. Lawyers exist to help both parties in any litigation matter, so you should ensure that you have one too.