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3 reasons your company needs an employee handbook

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Employment Law for Employers |

Not every New York small business utilizes an employee handbook, but if yours is among those that do not, you may want to ask yourself whether you should reconsider this decision. An employee handbook may prove to be a useful tool for your business. It may also help you avoid certain types of disputes or legal trouble.

PayCor offers the following reasons for why you may want to think about drafting and using an employee handbook in your New York place of business.

1. It helps protect you against litigation

Most businesses, regardless of industry, run the risk of an employee filing a lawsuit or claim against them. Most employee handbooks have pages inside employees must sign, dictating that they read the book in its entirety and understand its contents. Having a handbook that outlines all expectations – and the signature of the employee who read it – may help you defend your business in the event of litigation.

2. It makes workers aware of their rights

Your employee handbook should outline any entitlements your staff has in terms of state or federal leave. Outlining these policies helps eliminate any confusion while keeping you and your workers aware of your rights.

3.  It helps you follow appropriate laws

Your handbook should also reference the state and federal laws to which your business must adhere. This demonstrates to your workers that you have a firm understanding of the protections they have and that you care enough to make sure your staff members are aware of them, too.

While these are some of the advantages that come with creating an employee handbook, this is not an exhaustive list of all the ways in which having a handbook may benefit you.